Swiss Business for Nature (SB4N)

Become a partner of the initiative "Stepping up for Nature Together - Today & Tomorrow" by joining the multi-stakeholder platform for the protection and conservation of biodiversity. Develop together with other companies and relevant stakeholders 100 nature-based solutions until 2030. 

Swiss Business for Nature

Our vision and objectives

The vision of Swiss Business for Nature is to contribute to the protection and preservation of biodiversity in Switzerland and to implement 100 scalable nature-based solutions by 2030.In order to support companies and relevant stakeholders in the protection and preservation of biodiversity, in Switzerland and beyond, networking is made possible on a MULTI-STAKEHOLDER PLATFORM and nature-based solutions are promoted.

The following focus areas are planned:


What are Nature-based Solutions?

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are actions that work with and enhance nature to help address societal challenges. The concept is grounded in the knowledge that healthy natural and managed ecosystems produce a diverse range of services on which human wellbeing depends.

We believes that mainstreaming nature conservation into key economic sectors is essential. Increasingly, governments and business alike recognise that NbS are not only useful tools, but imperative for addressing the dual global crises on biodiversity loss and climate change .


Tackling the most pressing societal challenges through biodiversity


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Make a shift in
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Set priority
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Learn best practices
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Embed new standards
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